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Asia Times

Taliban Outflanks U.S. War Strategy | Asia Times

September 21, 2012

Douglas Ollivant, who was senior counterinsurgency adviser to the US commander of the regional command for eastern Afghanistan in 2010 and 2011, told IPS the evidence indicates that most Afghan personnel who killed NATO troops and were not already ...

Gates Moved U.S. Closer To Reality | Asia Times

June 30, 2011

"To move the administration away from the neo-cons and on a realist trajectory, Gates proved pivotal," said Steve Clemons, American Strategy director at the New America Foundation. "He brought the Bush administration back to the center and to a more ...

Smelling Salts for China's Jasmine Dream | Asia Times

February 25, 2011

Steve Clemons wrote: What is interesting is that Saif Gaddafi is no idiot. He has seen for some time that his father's government was brittle and fragile - and that a spark could come along and unleash internal rage against those holding incumbent ...

Clinton Off the Mark on Afghanistan | Asia Times

February 22, 2011

The "leaks" last week by administration officials to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Steve Coll appeared almost alongside Grossman's appointment - that the US administration is engaged in direct talks with the Taliban. Coincidence or not, this was ...


U.S. Internet Declaration Bugs China | Asia Times

February 18, 2011

The events in Tunisia and Egypt raise an important issue, one that is exhaustively chewed over in a timely new book, The Net Delusion, by Evgeny Morozov, a morose cyber-skeptic hailing from Belarus. Morozov's point is that the Internet is neither ...

The Neo-Renaissance Man | Asia Times

January 21, 2011

Steve Clemons of the New America Foundation describes Parag Khanna as a "global futurist". Now that's a sterling job. Even apart from the obviously sexy ...

For CIA Drone Warriors, The Future is Death | Asia Times

December 22, 2010

Tough guys of the "real men go to Tehran" type say this is for sissies (the New America Foundation says around a third of drone deaths are civilians, ...

Obama's Afghanistan Strategy Under Siege | Asia Times Online

July 27, 2010

In the New Republic, Steve Coll, a veteran regional expert who also serves as president of the New America Foundation, implicitly took Haass and Blackwill ...


Japan Weighs Role in India's Nuclear Boom | Asia Times

June 18, 2010

"Japan is an essential party for US and French nuclear cooperation with India. Japanese firms are deeply entangled in the US and French nuclear industry," said Jeffrey Lewis, director of the Nuclear Strategy and Non-Proliferation Initiative at the Washington DC-based New America Foundation. ...

U.S. Peeks Into China's Nuclear Fortress | Asia Times Online

March 25, 2010

"I would expect the Chinese government to be a little disconcerted about such information appearing in the public domain, but the report's author, Mark Stokes, has noted elsewhere that China is becoming more open so I would expect Chinese readers to react across the spectrum, from rage to shrugs," said Dr Jeffrey Lewis, director of the Nuclear Strategy and Non-proliferation Initiative at the Washington DC-based New America Foundation. ...

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