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Al Jazeera

Dozens Dead in NW Pakistan Attacks

August 24, 2010

... In 2009, the US launched 53 strikes, outpacing the 2008 total of 35. ... Source: New America Foundation and LongWarJournal.org

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Settlements 'May Halt' Direct Talks | Al Jazeera

August 20, 2010

But Steve Clemons of the New America Foundation public policy institute said he had been told by "senior officials from the White House that they had received informal communications and commitments from the Israelis that the settlement freeze would be extended" ...

Direct Talks 'To Resume' Next Month | Al Jazeera

August 20, 2010

"I don't think there's any common Israeli and Palestinian ground as yet," Daniel Levy, a former Israeli negotiator, told Al Jazeera. ...

Nuclear Politics Shape South Asia | Aljazeera.Net

July 12, 2010

... Beijing in particular would like its neighbour to serve as a future energy route, according to Anatol Lieven, a professor at King's College in London and senior research fellow at the New America Foundation. ...

How Accurate Are U.S. Drones? | Al Jazeera

June 3, 2010

Those numbers are generally dismissed in the US, where the most oft-cited number comes from the New America Foundation, which estimates that between 290 and ...

Iran's Unanswered Questions | Al Jazeera

May 17, 2010

Obama administration officials have said before that they are willing to accept a swap brokered through Turkey, and Philip Maxon, an analyst at the Washington-based New America Foundation, notes that the fuel will be kept under International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards....

U.S. Warns Pakistan to 'Do More' | Al Jazeera

May 15, 2010

... The US, meanwhile, has already accelerated its aerial bombing campaign in the tribal regions: Suspected drone strikes have already occurred 35 times this year, compared with 53 attacks in all of 2009, according to the Washington-based New America Foundation, which maintains a comprehensive databaseof the strikes. ...

"I don't see what more boots on the ground will do ... in terms of bolstering the military's capacity to fight the TTP," said Sameer Lalwani, a research fellow at the New America Foundation.

Hillary's Spring Break | Al Jazeera

March 27, 2010

To paraphrase Jorge Castaneda, a former Mexican foreign minister, every Mexican president has two key constituencies: his voting public; and the US. ...

Biden: America's Middle East Fixer?

  • By
  • Steven Clemons,
  • New America Foundation
March 9, 2010 |

Joseph Biden, the US vice president, left on Sunday for a head-scratching trip to the Middle East and many are wondering what he is up to. 

After all, the vice president has a lot on his plate already.

Biden has been the person behind the White House scenes who has helped nudge forward the tenuous deals between Shia, Sunnis and Kurds which secured Sunday's historic elections in Iraq.

Israel 'stalling' on prisoner swap | Aljazeera.net

December 22, 2009

The warning from the Palestinian group comes after Israel's defence minister, Ehud Barak, said Israel was not prepared to meet all of Hamas's demands to ...

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