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The California High-Speed Rail Debate—Kicking Things Off | The Atlantic

  • By
  • James Fallows,
  • New America Foundation
July 9, 2014 |
The Erie Canal. The transcontinental railroad. The Interstate Highway system. Big, expensive, controversial—and indispensable. Is the next one in this series a new rail network in our most famously freeway-centric state?

Driving Out of the Red with Greener Cars

  • By
  • Lisa Margonelli,
  • New America Foundation
March 24, 2014

Income inequality in California is already high, and it continues to increase. This income inequality is exacerbated by unequal access to jobs, credit, and efficient vehicles. Wages in California's Central Valley are lower than in the rest of the state, and workers there must commute long distances, with little access to alternative transportation, in older, inefficient cars. As a result, some working families in the Central Valley spend as much as a third to half of their income on fueling and maintaining their vehicle.

CalWORKs Reform Boosts Low-Income Families' Financial Security

June 24, 2013
Publication Image

Last month, I co-authored an op-ed for the San Francisco Chronicle with Judy Darnell of the United Ways of California, urging the state’s lawmakers to allow participants in its TANF program, CalWORKs, to own a reliable vehicle. Last week, the California state legislature passed its new budget, which modifies the CalWORKs rules to exempt one vehicle worth up to $9500 in equity value, replacing the previous cap of $4650. The new rule also indexes the limit to inflation and excludes vehicles that are received as gifts. This is a small but important step forward toward ensuring that public benefits programs serve as a ladder to financial security for low-income households. This change will have a significant impact for many of the state’s struggling families.

New America NYC: Can Megacities be Resilient?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 6:30pm

Listen to the full audio of this event:


The New Silk Road is Made of Iron-And Stretches from Scotland to Singapore

  • By
  • Parag Khanna,
  • New America Foundation
September 30, 2012 |

At some point in the next 200 million years, according to Yale University scientists, the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates will collide at the North Pole. When they are eventually joined by Africa, the singular super-continent will re-emerge, reminiscent of the Pangea that existed hundreds of millions of years ago.

Hard Landing

  • By
  • Phillip Longman,
  • Lina Khan,
  • New America Foundation
July 9, 2012

America’s air transport system is vital to the economic health of the nation, and to the well-being of every region of the country. Yet across much of America, the air transport system is breaking down as the few surviving airlines simultaneously jack up fares and slash service. This means citizens can’t get where they need to go. And it means large and vibrant cities – including St. Louis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and Memphis – are having trouble keeping what businesses they have, let alone attracting new investors.

A New American Dream Becomes Reality As Cities Grow More Than Suburbs

June 29, 2012
Families bike together in Portland, by Steven Vance

According to the 2011 census estimates, for the first since 1920—nearly a century—cities are growing more than suburbs. A recent study shows 77% of millennials want to live in the urban core. 28 year-old Denver resident, Jaclyn King said, “I will never live in the suburbs… I just like being connected to everything down here—concerts, work, restaurants, all of it.

Quick Hit: Capital Bikeshare Hasn't Reached the Unbanked...Yet

June 21, 2012
Publication Image

This past December, I wrote a post following the announcement that Capital Bikeshare (D.C.'s bikesharing system) and Bank on DC had teamed up to give reduced-cost bikeshare memberships to people signing up for their first bank accounts. I wrote that "While it will be interesting to see if this reduced rate is affordable for the target population, the initiative is an exciting example of creative thinking and cross-sector collaboration."

Getting More Traffic at Lambert

  • By
  • Lina Khan,
  • New America Foundation
April 4, 2012 |

Every St. Louisan knows the story. A decade ago, the metropolitan region enjoyed some of the best air service in America. But since 2001, the city has seen the number of flights tumble. Every year, it seems, the region's businesses and citizens here have had to make do with fewer seats flying to fewer places.

The Sidebar: The U.S. in Afghanistan and Rising Gas Prices

March 16, 2012
Counterterrorism Research Fellow Brian Fishman and Schwartz Fellow Steve Levine explore the real challenges facing the U.S. in Afghanistan and rising gas prices at home. Pamela Chan hosts.
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