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Global Strategic Finance Initiative

Bold Action for the G20 Summit

  • By
  • Douglas Rediker,
  • New America Foundation
March 31, 2009

With the London Summit rapidly approaching, I urge participants to take bold steps to address the fundamental structural issues in global finance that have, in part at least, led to the current economic crisis. I recognize that there remains a debate between those who believe that the current economic environment compels a dramatic rethink of the foundations, systems and structures upon which the global economy operates, and those who believe that such sweeping reforms are both unnecessary and politically impossible.

A Lever to Move the World | CQ Weekly

March 29, 2009
“When it comes to a country like Hungary or a country like Ukraine, in particular, the IMF support has been enormously crucial,” said Douglas Rediker, director of the Global Strategic Finance Initiative at the centrist New America Foundation. “They have acted surprisingly quickly and with surprising flexibility to stave off what

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Meltdown 101: Will China Global Currency Idea Fly? | Associated Press

March 24, 2009
But Doug Rediker, an international finance expert at the New America Foundation, noted that euro-denominated bonds are issued by numerous European governments, rather than a central authority, and some of those governments are not as reliable a credit ...

Spending Question Divides US, Europe | The Associated Press

March 23, 2009
... systems so its always hard to say that one is spending more than the other because there are fundamentally real differences," said Douglas Rediker, head of the Global Strategic Finance Initiative at the New America Foundation in Washington DC. ...

So What's A Toxic Asset? | CBS News

March 23, 2009
"Toxic assets are the ones that nobody wants to touch because they're just considered too dangerous," Doug Rediker, of New America Foundation, told CBS News. Normally banks can sell their healthy assets, such as a borrower's timely paid mortgage, ...

A Plan To Purge Banks' Toxic Assets | CBS News

March 22, 2009
"It's generally complex securities that are simply so complicated that nobody really knows what they're worth," says Doug Rediker, of the New America Foundation. The government is calling it the "public-private" investment program. ...

Global Mess Gives Birth to New Era | Financial Post

March 14, 2009
But the United States doesn't appear to recognize how much anger and blame is being cast its way," says Douglas Rediker, a former investment banker who is now director of the Global Strategic Finance Initiative at the New America Foundation in ...

Nature of Citi Stake Debatable | Financial Times

February 27, 2009
“It is an evolutionary step in the right direction, but as many analysts are pointing out, the fear remains that more steps will be required in the future,” said Douglas Rediker at the New America Foundation, a public policy institute.

Kerry Shakes Things Up at the SFRC | Foreign Policy

February 12, 2009
Kerry's committee has also hired international financial expert Heidi Crebo-Rediker from the New America Foundation to head up a new SFRC focus on ...

Foreign Policy Implications of the Financial Crisis

February 11, 2009

Washington DC -- Douglas Rediker, director of New America Foundation's Global Strategic Finance Initiative, testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations today on the foreign policy implications of the financial crisis.

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