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Health Policy

The Economist Quotes Cristy Gallagher on Universal Health Care

January 11, 2007

With his leg injured in a recent skiing accident, Arnold Schwarzenegger, California's governor, this week announced a plan that could change the terms of America's health-care debate. The Republican in charge of the country's most populous state, where 6.5m people, almost one resident in five, lack medical insurance, said he wants to introduce universal health-care coverage.

His recipe is a combination of insurance-market reform, government subsidies and—most important—compulsion...

New York Times Quotes Len Nichols on Wal-Mart's Health Plan

January 11, 2007
Wal-Mart Stores, the nation’s largest employer, is expected to announce today that the number of workers enrolled in the company’s health plan rose 8 percent last fall, the result of its introduction of cheaper insurance policies.

But the company said that, even with the increase, less than half of its 1.3 million employees — 47.4 percent — receive health insurance through Wal-Mart. About 10 percent of its employees, or 130,000, have no coverage at all.

CNN Coverage of Schwarzenegger's Health Plan Features Peter Harbage

January 10, 2007

Partial Transcipt:

WOLF BLITZER, CNN: ... It's a bold and controversial move. The California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, calling for universal health insurance in his state. Is it, though, part of a national trend? Let's turn to CNN's Mary Snow. She's joining us from New York with the story -- Mary.

MARY SNOW, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Wolf, with no clear solutions in sight, health experts say many states will be looking to California for answers on how to fix healthcare.

Peter Harbage in The Washington Post on Universal Health Coverage

January 9, 2007

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- To succeed with his plan to extend health care to 6.5 million uninsured Californians, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will have to find common ground between groups that often are at odds...

"I look forward to everyone now having those debates," Schwarzenegger said..."There are a lot of people around the table."

NPR Interviews Len Nichols on Gov. Schwarzenegger's Health Care Plan

January 9, 2007

With more uninsured Americans than any state in the nation, California begins a debate about health-care reform. Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced a dramatic and detailed plan with potential appeal to both Republicans and Democrats.

Its a big plan with big goals: to bring the state's 6.5 million uninsured citizens into the health-care system...

Peter Harbage in the Sacramento Bee on CA Gov's Health Insurance Plan

January 9, 2007

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Monday proposed a sweeping overhaul of the way health care is purchased and delivered in California that would mandate new contributions from employers, individuals, health plans, health care providers and the government...

The governor's proposal would shift costs so the insured are not paying higher premiums to offset the costs of treating uninsured patients who flood emergency rooms when they get sick. Those costs boost premiums for the insured as much as 10 percent, according to health care studies.

New America Foundation’s Statement on Gov. Schwarzenegger’s New Health Care Proposal

January 8, 2007

(SACRAMENTO – January 8, 2007) – Given the complexity of California and the reach of this health care proposal, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has offered a vision that represents a giant step toward the resolution of a problem that has vexed America’s policymakers for years.

LA Times Op-Ed Highlights New America Health Insurance Report

January 7, 2007

ARNOLD Schwarzenegger used to be compared to Ronald Reagan, another Hollywood actor who starred on the political stage in Sacramento. Lately, Schwarzenegger's enthusiasm for bond issues and freeways has been more reminiscent of Pat Brown, the builder-governor who preceded Reagan. But on Monday, when Gov. Schwarzenegger unveils his ballyhooed plan to provide health insurance for 6.5 million uninsured Californians, he will invite comparison to the legendary Gov.

S.F. Chronicle on Schwarzenegger's Embrace of New America Report

January 5, 2007

Sacramento -- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is looking to redirect billions of dollars now spent to treat people without health insurance to purchase coverage for the uninsured, according to sources who have seen a recent version of the governor's health care plan expected to be released Monday.

The governor's plan, which continues to be revised and reconsidered, would move up to $2 billion in tax money that now goes to hospitals to help cover indigent care and use it to buy insurance for part of the uninsured population.

New America Health Insurance Report Cited in Ventura County Star

January 3, 2007

Imagine a restaurant in which the maitre d' asked each patron to show a credit card before being seated. Those with a card would be seated, served and then given a bill for the cost of their meal. Those without a credit card would be fed for free.

How long would it take for the paying customers to figure out that they were paying not just for the cost of their own food, but also indirectly for the free food served to others?...

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