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Federal Education Budget Project: New Data Released on Federal School Nutrition Dollars

November 11, 2008

Today the Federal Education Budget Project (FEBP) at the New America Foundation released data on federal funding for school nutrition programs for every state and school district in the country.  This is the only searchable and downloadable source of district-level federal school nutrition data available.  The data can be accessed at EdBudgetProject.Org.

Obama Must Follow Through on Promise of Inspiration

  • By
  • Brian Till,
  • New America Foundation
November 9, 2008 |

"I was inspired by Jack Kennedy," a high school teacher replied when I asked what had moved him to join the Peace Corps and work in Cameroon.

A grand, Kennedy-esque call to service flittered throughout Barack Obama's campaign, but never took firm ground. I'm concerned it might never solidify; that nascent campaign ideas, and a critical component of the Obama campaign strategy, may not come to fruition once he takes office.

Michael Dannenberg in Inside Higher Ed | 'Helping Out With the Short List'

November 4, 2008
Michael Dannenberg, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation, also focused on governors. He suggested Roy Romer, who in addition to being the former governor of Colorado was also superintendent of the Los Angeles public school district. Dannenberg called him “smart, political, well-versed, intellectually curious.” LINK

MaryEllen McGuire in Education Week | ' K-12 Issues Will Await President'

November 3, 2008
“There can be a case to be made that education becomes the vehicle that helps fuel the economy,” said MaryEllen McGuire, the director of the Education Policy Program of the New America Foundation, a Washington think tank.

MaryEllen McGuire in the San Antonio Express | 'For Some Voters, College is a Real Test'

October 23, 2008

MaryEllen McGuire, director of education policy program at the New America Foundation, a nonpartisan think tank, said both platforms are fairly general, but Obama offers more details and more specific spending proposals.

“I really feel it mirrors where they are on K-12,” McGuire said. “Obama invests in the public system; McCain is about influencing it from the outside.” LINK

Slipping Through the Cracks

  • By
  • Sara Mead,
  • New America Foundation
October 22, 2008

When Congress resumes consideration of the reauthorization of the No Child Left Behind Act, strengthening the federal role in supporting high school reform will be a key issue on the agenda, and with good reason. While elementary school students, on whom most of NCLB’s funding and accountability requirements focus, have made significant achievement gains in recent years, high school achievement has stagnated. Only 70 percent of high school freshmen graduate within four years. Among those who do make it to graduation, only a third have the skills they need to succeed in college.


Tuition Hikes, Not Loan Access, Should Frighten Students

  • By
  • Michael Dannenberg,
  • New America Foundation
October 22, 2008 |

For months, the Wall Street credit crisis has made many families nervous that the widespread availability of student loans will dry up. But no matter how many banks fail, there is no danger that families will be deprived access to federal student loans. None.

CA EVENT: Strengthening California’s Workforce through Education, Training, and Savings

Monday, October 20, 2008 - 1:00pm

The California labor market has experienced drastic transformation and further change is expected as the workforce ages, immigration continues, and the gap between the earnings of skilled workers and those lacking education widens.

Pay to Learn is Working in New York

  • By
  • Anne Stuhldreher,
  • New America Foundation
October 15, 2008 |

Los Angeles philanthropist Eli Broad has probably never met Soledad Moya, an eighth-grader at Middle School 302 in the South Bronx. But both are big believers in an approach that has people wringing their hands and wagging their fingers: paying students to perform on standardized tests. Moya's school is a 45-minute subway ride from the Manhattan hotel where Broad took the stage at last month's Clinton Global Initiative to announce a $6-million grant to help launch EdLabs -- an initiative at Harvard University to advance innovations in public schools.

Michael Dannenberg on the Brian Lehrer Show | '30 Issues: Higher Ed'

October 15, 2008

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