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David Paterson Can Help Ground Skyrocketing College Tuitions

  • By
  • Michael Dannenberg,
  • New America Foundation
December 21, 2008 |

A not-so-funny thing happened on the way to the housing bubble. We created a college tuition bubble as well. As with housing, a toxic combination of easy credit and unsophisticated and unrealistically optimistic consumers has driven college prices sky-high.

Those prices aren't coming down anytime soon - and as the credit crisis continues, that means there's a risk that students who max out on federal loans and need extra private aid won't be able to borrow enough to afford expensive colleges.

Obama’s Choice of Duncan Wins Praise From Educators, Lawmakers | CQPolitics.com

December 16, 2008
“His record in Chicago is a strong one,” said Sara Mead, director of the Early Education Initiative at the New America Foundation. ...

Academic Bowl Championship Series | ESPN/Tuesday Morning Quarterback

December 16, 2008
Lindsey Luebchow of the New America Foundation asks that question here. She concludes that if academics were factored into big-college football, ...

Tongue-Tied: Americans Lack Multi-Lingual Edge

December 11, 2008
David Gray, former Labor Department acting assistant secretary for policy, said one thing is certain to emerge from the retooling of the worldwide financial system – greater global challenges to America’s economic dominance. ... Outside Article

UM Football Players: Not as Brainy as Gators or Noles | Miami New Times

December 10, 2008
Now here's a little salt for those wounds: Both the Noles and the Gators made Higher Ed Watch's top 25 list of teams based on academic achievement, ...

Higher Ed Watch's Academic Bowl Championship Series

December 10, 2008
While the on-field performance of the Oklahoma Sooners and Florida Gators has led the two squads to college football's championship game, both schools are well behind other elite teams when it comes to graduating and retaining their student-athletes, according to rankings released yesterday by the New America Foundation's Higher Ed Watch blog.

Changing the Odds for Children at Risk

Monday, December 1, 2008 - 12:15pm

Data show that children who are born in poverty to young, poorly educated parents have much lower chances of succeeding in school, college, and the workforce than their less-disadvantaged peers. They are also at greater risk for a host of negative outcomes, including poor academic performance, being held back a grade, dropping out of high school, being unemployed, and participating in criminal activity.

Student Debt Grows; Financial Aid Application Rates Rise | Capital News Service

November 21, 2008
"Private loans are a terrible tool for promoting college access," said Stephen Burd, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation, a group dedicated to fixing challenges for the next generation. ... Outside Article

Michael Dannenberg on WNYC | 'University Blues'

November 20, 2008
Michael Dannenberg, Senior Fellow in the Education Policy Program at the New America Foundation and founder of the HigherEdWatch Blog ; and Catharine Bond Hill, president of Vassar College, talk about how institutions are handling the economic crisis. LINK to audio

Bailout Plan for Student Loan Companies Might Hurt Students | Diverse Issues in Higher Education

November 18, 2008
“We are very wary of the government bailing out private student loan providers, many of whom engaged in predatory practices by pushing high-cost private loans on high-risk borrowers,” says Stephen Burd, senior fellow at the New America Foundation, a nonpartisan public policy think tank. ... Outside Article
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