College Readiness and Remediation Crisis: New America Foundation's "Bridging the Gap" Report

January 29, 2009
Washington DC -- Today the New America Foundation's Federal Education Budget Project released a report on America's college readiness and remediation crisis.

Bridging the Gap

  • By
  • Stephen Burd,
  • New America Foundation
  • and Ulrich Boser
January 29, 2009

Far too many students leave high school unprepared for the rigors of college and the workplace. Nearly a third of all incoming freshmen- 42 percent of first-year students at public two-year colleges-require remediation. At some postsecondary institutions, more than 90 percent of first-time freshmen need to take remedial classes before enrolling in courses that count toward their degrees. Remedial courses are offered at 99 percent of public two-year colleges and more than 75 percent of public four-year institutions.

Stimulus Aids Poconos Schools | Pocono Record

January 29, 2009
Spending on education nationwide represents $68 billion of the package, according to the New America Foundation. The money is for modernizing and building ...

The Case for Building Schools

  • By
  • Sara Mead,
  • New America Foundation
January 28, 2009 |

As Congress debates a roughly $825 billion economic stimulus package, many interest groups want to make sure their pet programs get a piece of the action. The education community is no exception.

Various advocates are urging Congress to use the stimulus to fund universal pre-k, expanded after-school programs, education technology, and new teacher compensation packages, among other education initiatives.

'Scientifically Based' Giving Way to 'Development,' 'Innovation' | Education Week

January 27, 2009
... practice and research,” Sara Mead, the director of the Early Childhood Initiative for the Washington-based New America Foundation, said in an interview. ...

Friday News Roundup: Week of January 19-23

January 23, 2009

University of California May Aid Struggling Families

House Committee on Ways and Means Passes Economic Recovery Package

Potential Cuts to Abstinence-Only Education Funding


Friday News Roundup: Week of January 12-16

January 16, 2009

Although we generally focus on federal funding, we thought it might be helpful to start a weekly news roundup that also includes a "state of the states and localities" as it relates to education funding in these tough economic times. Each Friday we'll recap the big stories of the week in education funding - state, federal, and local - in the hope of giving you a better idea of the effects of the financial crisis on schools, colleges, and universities.

Subsidy-Rate Proposal in Bill Could Aid Lenders | The Chronicle of Higher Education

January 16, 2009

Federal student loans issued since 2000 would be eligible for subsidies based on the new calculation. The New America Foundation, which drew attention to the proposed change on its Higher Ed Watch blog, estimated that the change would increase the subsidy rate by 0.5 percentage points...

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Advice for Duncan: The Thinker

  • By
  • Michael Dannenberg,
  • New America Foundation
January 12, 2009 |

I recommend early focus on education finance matters. The administration needs to meet and improve upon campaign promises requiring substantial resources. There are pressing student loan issues and pent-up demands for No Child Left Behind (NCLB) funding. Because the stimulus and budget are being developed now, you have a window of opportunity to address all three areas.

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