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The National (UAE)

Bibi in Control Until Obama Calls Settlements Illegal | The National (UAE)

August 27, 2009
Flynt Leverett, a former Middle East director at the US National Security Council, has noted that the 1970s, when the US did not bow so readily to Israeli ...

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Relocation of Detainees Raises Fears | The National

August 15, 2009
... least 194 to Afghanistan and 120 to Saudi Arabia, according to a recent report from the New America Foundation, a public policy institute in Washington. ...

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Rush to Renewables Threatens to Blow Another Bubble | The National

August 10, 2009
Another recent study, by Samuel Sherraden and Jason Peuquet of the New America Foundation, a public policy institute in Washington found that America's ...

Netanyahu Calls Gaza Withdrawal 'A Mistake' | The National

August 9, 2009
Daniel Levy, a senior fellow and co-director of the Middle East Initiative at the New America Foundation in Washington, believes Mr Netanyahu's comments ...

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Referendum Call Outrages Supreme Leader | The National

July 20, 2009
... but they are ensuring that this political fight lasts,” said Afshin Molavi, an Iran expert at the Washington, DC-based New America Foundation. ...

Debating Ahmadinejad | The National

June 22, 2009
Flynt Leverett, a senior CIA analyst for eight years, and his wife, Hillary Mann Leverett, a former US National Security Council official who participated in closed-door negotiations with Iran, both threw their weight behind the poll and made some ...

After the Silence, Obama Speaks Out | The National

June 17, 2009
Afshin Molavi, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation in Washington, said the election represents “the worst possible outcome” for the Obama administration. The White House, he said, would have preferred a victory by Mr Mousavi, ...

Reaction from Correspondents Around the World | The National

June 15, 2009
Still, other analysts, such as Afshin Molavi, a fellow at the New America Foundation in Washington, said an Ahmadinejad presidency could lead to better conditions for rapprochement. Conservatives among the Iranian political elite, he said, ...

Iranian Opposition Insists the Election Was Rigged | The National

June 15, 2009
Steve Clemons, a Washington-based foreign policy analyst spoke to a well-connected Iranian who knows many of the power figures in the Tehran political order. "My contact predicted serious violence at the highest levels. He said that Ahmadinejad is now ...

Muslims Expect More Than Words of Goodwill | The National

June 2, 2009
The cultural, social, ethnic and even religious diversity of “Muslim world” defies sound-bite generalisation and produces bad policy, said Parag Khanna, director of the Global Governance Initiative at the New American Foundation, based in Washington. ...
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