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San Jose Mercury News

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Calls Out China In Book | San Jose Mercury News

February 18, 2013

But it could also signal the beginning of a push-back by U.S. executives against what they see as China's cyberthefts and censorship. "You hear this kind of thing in private" among executives, said Rebecca MacKinnon, senior fellow at the New America ...


Start in Early Grades with Strategies to Avoid Suspending Students

  • By
  • Anne Stuhldreher,
  • New America Foundation
October 31, 2011 |

The girl in the back row finished her assignment early. She started to fidget with the materials under her desk (not allowed) and talk to her neighbor (also not allowed). Cecilia Gonzalez, the teacher, considered what do to. Gonzales has 32 students in her third-grade class at Kammann Elementary in Salinas. She's taught for 12 years and knows it's all about control. "If I can control the class behavior-wise, more learning can occur," she said.

Clashing Values Could Trip Facebook As It Tiptoes Toward China | San Jose Mercury News

July 13, 2011

Internet companies operating in China are forced to be a part of the country's censorship apparatus, said Rebecca MacKinnon, an expert on Chinese censorship. "This is part of the China conundrum," she said. "The government requires companies to police ...

Mexican-Americans and Other Latinos See Race Differently | San Jose Mercury News

May 22, 2011

"That's right," said Gregory Rodriguez, a fellow at the New America Foundation think tank in Los Angeles and director of the Center for Social Cohesion at Arizona State University. "What we're seeing is the clash of racial systems. ...

Company's Political Effort Is Easy To See | San Jose Mercury News

May 16, 2011

Barry Lynn, director of the New America Foundation's Markets, Enterprise and Resiliency Initiative, said if you define a monopolistic company as one "big enough to determine the terms of business within its industry," then Luxottica qualifies. ...

Schwarzenegger's Legacy: Green Laws and Red Ink | San Jose Mercury News

December 26, 2010

He tried everything," said Joe Mathews, author of "The People's Machine: Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Rise of Blockbuster Democracy. ...

Net-Neutrality Battle Peaks | San Jose Mercury News

December 19, 2010

But critics such as Sascha Meinrath, an Internet expert at the New America Foundation think tank, said the process "makes a mockery" of Genachowski's pledge ...

O'Brien: Wikileaks Cyberbattles Signal Rise of New Powers | San Jose Mercury News

December 12, 2010

Via e-mail, I asked Evgeny Morozov, author of "The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom" and a visiting scholar at Stanford University, ...

Why Governor Should Sign Bills Setting Up Health Care Exchange

  • By
  • Micah Weinberg,
  • New America Foundation
September 28, 2010 |

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is deciding whether to sign legislation that would create the "California Health Benefit Exchange," a key piece of federal health care reform. This is the perfect time, therefore, to clear the air about what the exchange will and won't do. A clear-eyed account of the facts about the exchange shows it to be the exact kind of moderate solution that the governor has pushed for throughout his tenure, one that combines a concern for the public good with the power of the private market.

Government To Soon Free Air Waves for Super-Power Wi-Fi | San Jose Mercury News

September 13, 2010

"This creates the potential for Wi-Fi on steroids," said Michael Calabrese, director of the wireless future program at the New America Foundation, ...

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