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CCIP's Annual Report 2012

Looking Back and Moving Forward
January 2013 |
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As we settle into 2013, it’s hard to believe that CCIP isn’t even one year old, and that we’ve produced our first annual report, available in PDF form at right! The California Civic Innovation Project began last April with generous funding from the James Irvine Foundation. In the nine months since, we’ve worked with local governments and a host of other organizations -- from non-profit organizations to universities -- to develop and sustain three pilot partnerships in cities in California. We aim to create models for innovation in local government that can be modified or made accessible for different types of cities and that can be adapted to address different community needs. CCIP has buttressed this on-the-ground work with an ambitious research portfolio designed to trace why and how local governments innovate. Our research and partnerships inform one another, and in the coming year we look forward to sharing more of what we are learning with those who work in local government, professional associations, non-profit organizations, philanthropic foundations, academia and with the general public.

2012 has been a great year for CCIP and we are excited about the new opportunities and challenges ahead in 2013. We hope that you will reflect on our annual report and be part of the conversation about CCIP’s current activities and roadmap for the future. We look forward to hearing your comments!

For the full report, see the PDF at right.

In our first year we have assembled a team of staff, interns, advisors, and partners that are dedicated to supporting CCIP in achieving long-term sustainability and changing the way California local governments work.

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