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How Screen Time Affects Kids: What Do Scientists Really Know?

A webinar presentation
November 29, 2011 |

On November 15, 2011, Lisa Guernsey gave a webinar presentation as part of an Early Childhood Research series. Her presentation was a preview of new research gathered for the second edition of her book, renamed Screen Time: How Electronic Media -- From Baby Videos to Educational Software -- Affects Your Young Child, which will be released in paperback in March 2012. In this webinar, Guernsey provides an overview of what developmental psychologists are learning about children's ability -- or, in some cases, inability -- to learn from screen media as well as interactive digital technology, such as online games and e-books. She urges educators to consider the Three C's when deciding on the appropriateness of technology for young children: content, context and the individual child.

Guernsey's slides are available as a PDF here or can be downloaded from the column to the right.  A recording of the webinar is also available.

The webinar series was sponsored by Hatch Early Childhood, a company that sells interactive white boards, but Hatch was not involved in the creation of the presentation and had no prior review of its content.

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