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White Paper

Realigning U.S. Health Care Incentives to Better Serve Patients and Taxpayers

  • By Health CEOs for Health Reform
June 12, 2009 |

Our Vision for Health System Reform:

Health care reform must make quality health care and health insurance affordable and accessible to all. Yet meaningful health care reform must also make our health delivery system sustainable for families, employers, providers, and governments. As health care leaders who operate in our current system, we firmly believe that upwards of 30 percent of the resources spent on health care in the United States are a result of too few efforts to coordinate care and not enough attention to quality. We must achieve higher value for our health care dollar to make affordable coverage and high-quality care available for all, including our most vulnerable, for years to come.

We will not control health care costs until we create clear incentives for providers – the people who deliver care – to focus on quality and efficiency.

The Medicare program must convey the seriousness with which it will approach payment reforms that move away from fee-for-service and toward accountable payments. Medicare must articulate clearly its long-term goals to allow providers to prepare for future payment incentives.

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Make no mistake: a more sustainable, value-based health system is eminently feasible. We have to look no further than our backyards to prove it.

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