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Should Health-Care Reform Be Repealed?

No: We need reform more than ever
September 14, 2010 |
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With a sluggish economy and double-digit unemployment in some parts of the country, we can’t afford to allow millions of Americans to go without much-needed health care.

Health-care reform finally creates a level playing field where Americans will have access to health care that values quality of care, not quantity of care. It also puts into place much-needed regulations and limits on the private insurance industry. Patients will no longer be denied care simply because they had a preexisting condition. Patients who are not employed or have jobs that do not offer health insurance will not be left at the mercy of the individual health insurance market, where people purchase health insurance that does little more than provide catastrophic coverage. They will finally have choices that are affordable and easy to understand.

Health reform is also investing resources in creating jobs, training nurses and doctors, and making sure that for every dollar spent on health care, no more than 20 cents go to administrative expenses. With health reform, we are finally moving away from using paper and illegible handwriting to make our most precious health decisions.

Yet there are still those who cry for repeal. They say that health reform takes choice away and doesn’t do anything to improve health care. They want to make us succumb to an artificial fear that providing health care is somehow anti-American or anticapitalist. Somewhere in the midst of all this outrage, we are moving forward with reforms that finally benefit the people who really matter: patients and their families.

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