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MEDIA ADVISORY: New America’s Peter Beinart Launches Daily Beast Blog, Zion Square

Published:   March 12, 2012

New America Senior Fellow Peter Beinart launches a Daily Beast blog today — Zion Square —to start a new and candid conversation about Israel, Palestine, and the Jewish future. Beinart is a senior political writer at The Daily Beast-Newsweek and author of the forthcoming book The Crisis of Zionism, which is set to be released March 23.

Zion Square, a group blog, will feature 10 or more regular contributors and welcomes new ideas and opinions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The site will interrogate Palestinian and Israeli behavior equally.  In an effort to challenge liberal Zionism from the left and right, the blog will host biweekly columns by the hawkish Israeli historian Benny Morris and by the anti-Zionist Palestinian-American writer Youssef Munnayer.  Other columnists include Bernard Avishai, Lara Friedman, Gershom Gorenberg, Emily L. Hauser, Hussein Ibish, Yehudah Mirsky, Trita Parsi and Einat Wilf.

Zion Square’s mission “is to launch a conversation not just about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, not just about the specter of war with Iran, not just about the relationship between Israel and diaspora Jews, not just about Jewish theology and culture, but about the struggle to confront the ethical responsibilities of a world in which Jewish fortunes have radically changed,” Beinart writes in a post on the blog.

Make sure to read the blog here.

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