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Slate, New America Partner to Focus on Transformative Technologies

Series of "Future Tense" Events to Kick Off Feb. 26
Published:   February 18, 2010

The New America Foundation and Slate magazine today announced a new partnership, focusing on emerging technologies and their transformative effects on society and public policy.

Central to the partnership is the "Future Tense" event series, which brings together issue experts and provocative thinkers from all disciplines to look beyond today's headlines.  Both Slate and New America will be complementing these discussions with original web content, and exploring new ways to continue the conversations online.

Slate has a long track record of peeking over the policy horizon,” New America President Steve Coll said. “New America tries to take that same, forward-leaning approach – as we began to focus more explicitly on disruptive technologies, Slate was the obvious partner to engage in those efforts.”

Slate and New America both take a rigorous, creative, and playful approach to the most important challenges facing the United States, and the tremendous opportunities offered by new and emerging technologies.” Slate Editor David Plotz said.  “We aspire to stimulate our readers to think about these topics in new ways, and we can’t imagine a better partner in that effort than New America.”

The Future Tense Event Series will officially debut next Friday, Feb. 26, with "Searching for Saddam" -- a conversation with Slate’s Chris Wilson, New America’s Peter Bergen and others on the surprisingly hi-tech hunt for Iraq's dictator in 2003, and ways such tools continue to change U.S. war-fighting.  In the week leading up to the conversation, Slate will publish Wilson’s five-part series about how a team of innovative U.S. soldiers captured Saddam by using Facebook-style social network theory to crack the network of families protecting him. Wilson’s series explores the implication of this kind of social networking for other military operations, and asks why the U.S. hasn’t been able to get Osama Bin Laden using the same methods.

An initial New America-Slate joint event  -- "Authority, Meet Technology: Will China's Great Firewall Hold?" -- took place Jan. 20, and explored the implications of the recent China-Google showdown over security, privacy and online censorship. Video of that discussion and Slate's coverage of it are available online.  The second Future Tense Event -- "Can You Hear Me Now? Why Your Cell Phone is So Terrible" -- is scheduled for Friday, April 2.

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