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Attitudes from Tehran

Iranian Public Opinion and the Rowhani Presidency

The victory of moderate cleric Hassan Rowhani in Iran’s June 14 presidential election greeted many by surprise, yet public opinion polls accurately predicted the outcome. On July 31, the New America Foundation’s Middle East Task Force and the Center for International and Security Studies at the University of Maryland are sponsoring a symposium on public opinion and the Iranian elections featuring Tehran-based pollster Ebrahim Mohseni. Mohseni will present the findings of 13 national public opinion polls conducted in Iran before and after the election. Panelists Steven Kull and Trita Parsi will provide analysis and commentary, and Shibley Telhami will lead the discussion.

Drawing on polling data the questions to be addressed are:

What does polling data surrounding the election reveal about Iranians' views toward the regime, the nuclear program, and the West?

How strong is Rowhani's political position in Iran and what is the nature of his support?

Do Iranians expect Rowhani to open the Iranian society and alter the role of Islam in goverment?

What does his election signal for the future of U.S.-Iranian relations?



Featured Speaker
Ebrahim Mohseni 
University of Tehran Polling Center
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Maryland

Shibley Telhami
Anwar Sadat Professor for Peace and Development, University of Maryland
Non-resident Senior Fellow, Saban Center, Brookings Institution

Steven Kull
Director, Program on International Policy Attitudes
Senior Research Scholar, Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland
University of Maryland

Trita Parsi
President, National Iranian American Council

Event Time and Location

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 - 10:00am - 11:30am
New America Foundation
1899 L Street NW Suite 400
Washington, DC 20036

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