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Live Webcast: Does the Internet Favor Dictators or Dissenters?

An Insider Discussion with Eric Schmidt, Alec Ross, Tim Wu and James Fallows

Each Spring, the New America Foundation gathers its fellows, senior staff, board members and select guests for an extended conference and retreat to discuss the issues and policy challenges that will dominate the months ahead.

The retreat is closed to the public, but one of this year's key discussions -- with Google's Eric Schmidt, the State Department's Alec Ross, Columbia's Tim Wu and The Atlantic Monthly's James Fallows on the Internet and political dissent -- was webcast live to broaden the conversation. A recording of that discussion is available here.


  • Moderator: James Fallows
    National Correspondent, The Atlantic Monthly

  • Eric Schmidt
    Chairman and CEO, Google, Inc.
  • Alec Ross
    Senior Advisor for Innovation, Office of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
  • Tim Wu
    Schwartz Fellow, New America Foundation; Professor of Law, Columbia Law School; and Contributing Writer, Slate.

Event Time and Location

Friday, May 21, 2010 - 8:30pm - 9:30pm