Jehan Sadat on Middle East Peace

Today the New America Foundation is honored to be hosting former Egyptian First Lady, Jehan Sadat. Dr. Sadat, who spends half her year as a scholar in residence at the University of Maryland, will be discussing the ideas she outlines in her latest book, My Hope for Peace.

ASP In the News | August 4-6

Associated Press (08/06) cites William Hartung on potential cooperation with China on energy security.
Washington Post (08/06) quotes Flynt Leverett on Iran's continuing uranium enrichment.
National Interest (08/01) cites Peter Bergen on Washington's evolving strategy against terrorism.
Somerville Journal (08/01) quotes Daniel Levy's analysis on Israel negotiating through Turkey and Egypt.

ASP In the News | July 28-30

The American Muslim (07/30) quotes Peter Bergen on the inner workings of Egyptian society.
WorldHum (07/30) cites Parag Khanna on ways to promote international understanding.
McClatchy Newspapers (07/25) quotes Daniel Levy on Obama's moderate foreign policy.

ASP In the News | July 21-23

PRWeb (07/23) quotes Peter Bergen in a critique of Egypt's government.
National Interest (07/23) features Flynt Leverett discussing the need for engagement with Iran.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (07/22) cites Steve Clemons on growing institutionalization of the ‘08 election.
Washington Post (0720) quotes Flynt Leverett on the Bush Administration's talks with Iran.
Politico (07/18) responds to Steve Clemons' criticisms of Obama's Brussels oversight.
Israel National News (07/16) cites Flynt Leverett on the collapse of the U.S. economy vis-à-vis the Middle East.