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HEALTH REFORM: Health CEOs for Health Reform

Very rarely is an industry willing to reform itself. But a diverse coalition of six CEOs from across the health care industry came together yesterday to form Health CEOs for Health Reform (HC4HR). The group brings together leaders from across the health care industry who share a unique willingness to transform their business models to create a more sustainable health system.

The founding six CEOs of HC4HR are:

The CEOs unveiled their new coalition in an event at the National Press Club yesterday (video below) and you can find statements from each of the group's members in this press release. The group's efforts will be facilitated by the New America Foundation's Health Policy Program, directed by Len Nichols.

HC4HR is built on the following three principles:

  1. Health reform is an urgent priority for our nation and should not be postponed.
  2. Meaningful health reform entails both quality, affordable health coverage for all and delivery system reform. This will require all stakeholders to move away from "business as usual."
  3. A more sustainable health system will require all health care stakeholders to offer and accept changes to their business models as part of a catalytic package that will better serve everyone.

The group hopes to lead by example, moving past broad policy concepts toward "detailed blueprints that reconcile the legislative goals and principles of lawmakers with the operational realities of our health care system."

The new coalition caught the attention of CQHealthBeat, BNA, and the Billings Gazette, (subscription required for the first two) as well as a few Senators.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) provided a Congressional keynote for the event, stressing the importance of health reform in our national agenda and applauding the leadership shown by HC4HR.

Senators Max Baucus (D-MT) and Ted Kennedy (D-MA) also issued statements welcoming the group's formation. Kennedy commended "the health industry CEOs for their willingness to work together to respond to one of the most important challenges facing our country in this new century," and Baucus said, "This group certainly adds to the momentum for all stakeholders to come together and work toward comprehensive health care reform"

Insurance and Pharma

As long as there is someone from the Insurance industry, especially Blue Shield/Blue Cross, and anyone from the Pharma industry, your efforts are doomed to fail. Their only reason to be involved in this is to scuttle any meaningful reform. If they wanted to do better then could do it on their own. Do away with the entire Insurance Industry first and then put extreme pressure on Pharma is the only way to go.

Good luck to you in your efforts, but until the cancer of insurance companies and big pharma is removed the system is terminal.

Health reform

Interesting idea to form a CEO group inclusive of insurance and pharmaceutical giants. "Zen Bruder" raises valid concerns in his post.
If the CEOs are serious, they need look no further than House Bill 676 National Health Insurance Act, a single payer system. It calls for the end of the for-profit insurance system as the funding method and puts the brakes on pharma. There is no justification for the health insurance industry to skim 30% of the health dollars into the corporate balance sheet. Nor is there reason to allow Pharma to spend more on marketing than they do on research, while singing the 'we need research' song in public. There is plenty of money to fund reform if we follow a plan that works in all the other industrialized nations.