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Is It Better For Gay Marriage if Prop 8 Is Upheld?

Yes, according to Travis Ballie, writing at Daily Kos. He thinks it would be a stronger statement to have voters -- rather than judges -- overturn the Prop 8 ban on same-sex marriage. I tend to agree, since the goal is not simply legal same-sex marriage in California but marriage equality nationwide.

Thank You California Supreme Court

The Supreme Court upheld Prop 8 and in a bigger move upheld the PEOPLE's power to write our Constitution by ballot initiative. I suspect that within 3 years that Prop 8 will be voted out. I am Conservative and I know that a majority of people will vote to rescind Prop 8 with no help from me. However my convictions and beliefs will never change. I am grateful that the court ruled in favor of the initiative process which is a bigger victory.