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Exhaustion Makes Preacher More Gay Friendly

In Prop 8-land, people are buzzing about this: The Rev. Rick Warren, the evangelical Southern California pastor who gave the invocation at President Obama's inauguration, told Larry King last week that he didn't campaign for Prop 8, the California initiative ban on same-sex marriage. In fact, he did. In this Politico story, Warren's pr agents try to walk this one back by arguing that Warren was too tired from his Holy Week duties. Apparently, exhaustion makes one more favorable to same-sex marriage. Which suggests a strategy for the likely initiative battle to overturn Prop 8 in 2010: set off fog horns and shine bright lights in key precincts in the middle of the night.

On a more serious note, Warren's vacillation is as strong a sign as any which way the public is moving on this issue.

Preacher Please!!

If it ever comes to homosexual marriage as being defined as a "marriage", which I think is one of the biggest jokes ever played on mankind, I won't be surprised. When two people can't procreate and the whole reason for marriage is because of procreation and the raising of children it makes no sense. But Warren wants to be liked and loved and so he is not as strong as Christ. He is not Christ. Will never be Christ. Christ would be crucified again by this culture over Prop8 opponents. I know in the future the law will change but my resolve will never change on this issue only get stronger and it will fulfill the prophecies of the Bible. But then again we can file a petition about the Distinction of Marriage. Similar to filling out boxes like male and female, white, black, hispanic or other distinctions. We can file a petition that says marriage is homosexual marriage man-man or woman-woman and heterosexual marriage man-woman. Since liberals are about diversity wouldn't they go this?