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Memo to Same Sex Marriage Supporters: Why I'm Dining at El Coyote Tonight

I've never cared for El Coyote, the Mexican restaurant on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, even though it's within walking distance of my apartment. The best thing on the menu is the margaritas, and your blogger remains a teetotaler so he can stay sharp and detect drafting errors in initiatives. When I'm thinking Mexican, I hit the taco trucks, or maybe stop by the original El Cholo on Western or Mijares in my hometown of Pasadena. 

But I'm heading over there tonight. Why? Because same-sex marriage supporters, full of righteous anger at the passing of Prop 8, the ban on same-sex marriage, have targeted El Coyote as part of an insane, counter-productive strategy of mindless rage at anyone or anything tangentially connected to the Prop 8 effort. The niece of the restaurant's original owners gave $100 to Yes on 8. The response? A boycott and lots of Internet rage.   

As your blogger has made clear here and in the pages of the Washington Post, he strongly supports same-sex marriage and marriage equality. But I can't support the post-election fit of rage -- which appears to be an attempt at political suicide by gay marraige supporters. It's time to calm down, respect the results, figure out what went wrong and then go to work on a strategy to bring marriage equality to California -- and more important, to the country as a whole. This kind of El Coyote madness simply hurts that cause. The exact opposite tactic is needed. Painful as it may be, supporters of same-sex marriage need to seek out those who voted for Prop 8 and do some serious listening to them. Why did they vote yes? And is there any way they can be convinced to change their minds? Perhaps such a meeting could take place at, well, not El Coyote, but someplace with better Mexican food.